Online Resources on Prostitution Reform

  1. Police chiefs back prostitution reform - Home News, UK - The › News › UK › Home News 
    28 Dec 2010 – A database of men suspected of attacking sex workers should be introduced as part of a wider review of prostitution laws that could see some 
  2. End Prostitution Now - New Zealand 
    In 2003 New Zealand introduced the Prostitution Reform Act which  In February 2004 the New Zealand Prostitution Reform Act Sub-Committee met to discuss 
  3. Archbishop warns of police corruption in prostitution reform 
    16 Feb 2015 – Archbishop warns of police corruption in prostitution reform. ARCHBISHOP Barry Hickey has warned that the WA Government's plan to legalise 
  4. [PDF] 

    Shifting Sands: A Comparison of Prostitution Regimes Across Nine
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    by L Kelly - Cited by 4 - Related articles
    Prostitution was decriminalised in 2003 under the Prostitution Reform Act. (PRA), which passed a parliamentary vote by the narrowest of margins 
  5. Weimar Through the Lens of Gender: Prostitution Reform, Woman's › Books › History 
    Weimar Through the Lens of Gender: Prostitution Reform, Woman's Emancipation, and German Democracy, 1919-33 (Social History, Popular Culture, & Politics in 
  6. Corpus Delicti » American Gender, Sexuality, Prostitution Reform 
    American Gender, Sexuality, Prostitution Reform. Taken from several sources, including several classes which covered some aspect of gender, sexuality and 
  7. Victorian London - Crime - Prostitution - reform of prostitutes 
    Victorian London - Crime - Prostitution - reform of prostitutes. MIDNIGHT MEETINGS. Various philanthropic individuals have tried the plan of holding 
  8. Victorian Era book review: Prostitution: Prevention and Reform 
    Book review of 'Prostitution: Prevention and Reform' by Paula Bartley.
  9. Sweden's radical reform of the law on prostitution - Telegraph
    5 Jul 2008 – The Townswomen's Guild are meeting to debate a radical reform in the law onprostitution. Their template? The Swedish model.
  10. Catherine Healy - English Collective of Prostitutes 
    The Prostitution Reform Act (PRA) came into operation in New Zealand in June, 2003. The PRA decriminalised prostitution; created a framework to safeguard 

"It takes a village to create a prostitute."


sexual harassment
verbal abuse
domestic violence
a racist practice
a violation of human rights
childhood sexual abuse
a consequence of male domination of women
a means of maintaining male domination of women
all of the above?



Please read the measures in the International Prostitute's Collective's Bill from the point of view of women’s safety and of legal rights.  It has been claimed that ‘tackling the demand’ by criminalising men who buy sexual services will increase safety, and the spectre of trafficking has been used to stifle debate and hide the evidence that points to the contrary.

News 2011: The very first man to be convicted of trafficking females from inside f the UK, in a case involving 2 Nigerian girls, has been jailed.

BBC News - Man jailed for trafficking Nigerian girls out of UK